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* N.H. Liberty Alliance * N.H. Libertarian Party * National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies * Second Amendment Sisters * CASPIAN * Americans for a Balanced Budjet Amendment,(ABBA) * The Well of Living Water Ministries * Farm Aid Inc. * N.H. Commonsense * Sons of The American Revolution * Campaign For Liberty * Oathkeepers * Liberty On Tour * Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s * Free State Project * Coalition of NH Taxpayers * John Birch Society * GOOOH * Pro-Gun N.H. * Ron Paul meet up * Manchester 9-12 Project * Tea Party Coalition  * Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement * Citizens Alliance Against Creepy Politics * Conservative Solutions * Planet Aid * Appleseed Project * National Rifle Association * The NH Naturalists * Citizens Leadership of New Hampshire * NH Advantage Coalition * Congress Watch * Oath Keepers * Committee of Safety * Free Keene * Katherine Albrecht Show * NH Underground Press* Truthbrigade Radio * Monadnock Radio Group * Sovereignty Alliance * Marijuana Policy Project * Monadnock Rod & Gun * Londonderry Rod & Gun * GONH * Pre Paid Legal * NH Patriots * Indiana Honest Money * Free Minds T.V. * National Judicial Reform Group * Patriot Dames Radio * American Cannabis * Campaign for Liberty * NHOHVA * NHATV * The Granny Warriors * AIB Radio * Foundation Party * The Patriots Resistance * Ridley Report * NH GOP Committee’s * Military Order Of Purple Hearts * NHMRO * Restore America Project * Boston Hempology * NORML * Resistance Network * Conservative Solutions/ Let’s Get This Right * Libertarian Party & More!


Garrett Lear, The Patriot Pastor. “Heroes of American Liberty”
Evan Nappen, NH Gun Attorney, “Gun rights in the Constitution”
Daniel Itse, NH House Representative “True Sovereigns of New Hampshire”
Jennifer Coffey, NH House Representative, ” Liberty rights in New Hampshire”
Dr. Lee Button, NH Center for Constitutional Studies
Sheridan Folger, Executive Director, The Sovereignty Alliance
Brad Marston, Executive Director, Conservative Solutions Organization
Stewart Rhodes, Founder, Oathkeepers, “Orders we will not obey”
Walter Reddy, Founder, Committees Of Safety Organization
John Dvorak, Hempologist, Boston Hempology Organization
Mark Gauthier, Loudpipes Saloon 2, “Right to choose a Helmet in NH”
Joel Winter’s NH House Representative “Mandated I.D. & Privacy Rights”
Matt Simon, Executive Director, NH Common Sense “Marijuana Legislation”
Jerry Titus, Indiana Honest Money, “Constitutional Monetary Reform”
Katherins Albecht, Author of “Spychips”
Joel Winter’s, NH House Representative, “Federal mandated National I.D.”
Richard Olson Sr. Jaffrey C.A.A.C.P. “Honesty in local government”
Stuart Cooper “NH Marijuana Initiative”
John B. Hunt, NH House Representative, “The NH motto in relation to nanny laws”
Jonathon Perri, Students for sensible drug policy, “U.S. drug policy & reforms”
David Welch, NH House Representative, “NH Gun right’s & the Consitution”
Howard Wilson, NH Libertarian Party, “Second Amendment Rights”
Walter Reddy,Founder of Committee’s Of Safety


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