The National Annual N.H. State Live Free Or Die Rallys are non partisan, non aligned,non profit, true First Amendment gatherings in support of with advocating freedom of speech, rights to gather and redress. This annual event provides opportunity for the public, advocacy groups, all ideologys, legislators, politicians of all parties to come together by free will on common ground under one tent to share or review controversial topics . LFOD does not oppose or support any topic’s attending organization’s or speaker’s chose to redress. This event is still in its infancy being the only one of its type. It is the most difficult to almost impossible to organize where it relies on recruiting volunteers, donated features and venue’s to keep these gatherings free of political or corporate influence. Advocacy groups united on common ground and common causes are the only real chance for reforms this event initiates. Please participate & help it grow.

1) Discrimination displayed at any level, verbally, in literature, through music, provocation, between participants, organizations, groups, exhibitor’s, the races, religion’s, or political parties will be considered stepping out of the bounds of peaceful and orderly conduct protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Such rancor also defiles the events purpose and is are not welcomed.

2) Organizations, Legislators, or anyone whom would like to speak on any topic are requested to schedule a time slot in advance no later than 90 days prior to the event. Each speaker allocated 15 minutes.

3) Event is non-partisan. Anyone scheduled to speak at the podium is asked to speak on a topic or issue, not promote their particular organization,agenda, business, company or candidacy. They are welcome to have a booth or advocate their agenda, or campaign one on one with participants at rally.

4) All contributions are welcomed by anyone, businesses, organizations, through items, cash donations, features, exhibits, all for the support of the event as a whole. No contributions will be accepted for influence in the support or opposition of any particular topic, party, organization, business, or otherwise. All contributions are not tax deductible.

5) No single Organization, group, participant, organizer or party has claim to being sole host, sponsor or endorser of event for their own promotions or agenda. The Live Free Or Die Celebration is a sole entity in N.H. supported equally by all.

6) Any participant, Organization, or Party attending and supporting the Rally with 1st amendment rights enforcement and freedom of speech to redress as a whole, does NOT signify their support or opposition of any or all of topic’s being addressed and exhibited at the rally.

7) Advocacy organizations or individuals requesting to solicit donations at event for causes are subject to pre approval by the Live Free Or Die Committee and organizers.


Live Free or Die rally is promoted as a “true first amendment event/gathering”. The majority of people and activists accustom to standardized “commercial ventures” events THINK they know what that is and don’t. At times individuals or organizations making inquiries get confused or upset due to not understanding the perimeters under federal protection of which and how Live Free or Die Rally is organized. It takes a little study.
The average citizen, most activists as with municipal authorities mind set in regard to any type of event, festival, fair, etc. are based on what are called “commercial ventures or commercial activities” on or usually held at “commercial venue’s”. Municipalities commonly attempt to regulate or restrict a NON commercial venture gathering of redress by applying these commercial venture ordinances through order of requesting a “permit application” be it on private or public properties that apply to commercial venture ordinances usually adopted from state statutes. IF the gathering is kept within the perimeters of what is federally first amendment protected these ordinances as with the requirement of a permit application can be successfully challenged or contested in Supreme Court. What are these perimeters? Read on.

LFOD is a non commercial venture, non partisan, non aligned, true first amendment demonstration gathering.
In brief; Authority’s who represent a municipality in which the gatherings are to be held are given detailed notice of activity’s planned by the gatherings organizer which fall under first amendment protection with refusal by the organizer to submit or sign permit application’s that waive the submitter’s protected first amendment rights subjecting the submitter to fee’s, police detail, bonds, vending permit’s, commercial event restriction’s, commercial venture ordinance’s, etc. Then, the gathering falls under protection and the municipality can be brought to court and subject to fines if the municipality refuse’s to acknowledge the written notice of the gathering or interfere’s with participants of the gathering. Many will argue that they shouldn’t even have to do this or notify anyone. LFOD chose’s to. It protects the participants, enable’s one to have gatherings on non commercial private or public property’s and enable’s taking legal recourse if needed. If LFOD is going to blow off cannons, have 15 bands, fireworks, battle reenactment’s, or what have you, the neighbor’s as with the municipality’s resident’s, out of courtesy, have the right to know.

*Gathering by free will to redress, Speech of redress, Music of redress & related amplification, Exhibiting and anything done by donation*
A) A non commercial gathering to redress by free will IS protected. Any event that charge’s for admissions, charges fees for table spots, charges for camping, vending for money, restricting who is allowed or by selective invitation, paying for advertising, paying for venue, paying for entertainment, paying for speaker’s, organization’s or party’s paying to host or sponsor, all as examples are commercial ventures and are NOT protected.
B) Music of redress by free will is the same as speaking in redress and IS protected. Participants listening to that message of redress have the right to hear. If there’s a 1000 people and amplification is required so all participants can hear the redress, amplification IS also protected.
C) Vending for money is a commercial activity that is NOT protected. Exhibiting by donation, raising money for non profit cause’s or benefit’s are not a commercial activity’s and IS protected.
D) The first amendment is specific in that the gathering be peaceable. Acts of violence, racism or these types of rancor defile the gatherings purpose and are not welcomed at Live Free or Die Rally.

A) Being a true first amendment gathering individuals or commercial food vendors vending for money converts LFOD into a commercial venture compromising it’s protection.
B) Food is donated by company’s to the CAACP which is a non profit organization & it is served by donation at very reduced rates by volunteers to offset LFOD costs. Anyone wanting to donate their product and vend food by donation to go towards helping offset LFOD costs and help keep LFOD free is welcome to contact us.
C) Many individual’s bring their own food to cook at the free grille’s and condiments provided at Dillon Lodge.
G) There are unlimited non food exhibitor spots at both locations. See web sight for set up times & locations.

A) The first amendment was written for everyone regardless of their beliefs, thoughts or otherwise and have the right to attend. No one including organizers should restrict that as it also compromise’s a true first amendment gathering. Unlike many events, LFOD is not anyone’s or any organization’s gathering, it’s everyone’s equally on common ground. Many ideology’s, organization’s and individual’s commonly have their reason’s who should or should not be allowed which can lead to divisiveness, segregation, discrimination, bigotry which the media and elite prey on. I can only request participant’s share in the tolerance and their support. If someone doesn’t agree with a exhibit, individual, speaker or organization, move on to one they do enjoy.
B) LFOD has often come under fire due to this and likely always will. LFOD is not about anyone’s particular belief’s, it’s about their right to express those belief’s as with the individual standing next to them rights to express their belief’s regardless of what they are or whether others agree with them or not.

A) These location’s are graciously donated private property’s for the cause or are on public property. Some will disagree, but, I feel the property’s owner’s request’s were very reasonable and by no mean’s restriction’s or violating anyone’s rights. I’m asking other’s who share in the use of these property’s for LFOD to respect their wish’s and these property’s too.
B) Unknown to many, though participant’s are protected during LFOD, the property owners are not after participants vacate. If people break law’s on their property’s the authority’s could potentially fine or prosecute the property owner whether we think its right or not. Please, let’s not thank the property owner by having him prosecuted!

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